Reload Buddy Reviews

Comments: EXCELLENT! Exactly what I was looking for.
User: big_guy22

Comments: I've been looking for something like this for a while to get all the clutter off my reloading table.
User: IPSC_Man

Comments: Nifty piece of software, finally a place to keep all my reloading info. Thanks...
User: reloader555

Comments: Great Software, well thought out and user-friendly. Thanks...
User: shooter77

Comments: As advertiesed and excellent after the sale support. Merry Christmas!
User: rideandfly

Comments: Seems to be a good data base software.
User: pw737

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Reload Buddy Version 2.0 is in the early stages of development - 07/01/2009
This is going to be a complete overhaul to the look, feel, and functionality of the current system. It will have all of the existing functionality plus; It will come pre-populated with 1000's of load combinations for 100's of calibers, Will have "sharing" capability through the internet to allow users to share load combinations and performance info with other Reload Buddy users via the internet (if desired), extensive reporting capabilities powered by Crystal Reports, and with ability to export reports numerous industry standard file types, the ability to store an unlimited number of photos of each firearm, and to have them print on the various inventory reports, the ability to store an unlimited number of "used" targets for a given load to document your performance, and Much, Much, Much, More.......

Windows 7 and Vista Compatible - 05/07/2009
Finally Reload Buddy has been updated to be 100% Windows Vista Compatible with Version 1.2.18!! We've also changed the look and feel of our installation program. Instead of a .zip file requiring user's to unzip and then run the setup file, we've changed it to a self-extracting executable install file. This makes the process much quicker and easier for users as well as offers more customization options from a development standpoint.

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